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Dutch Geisha

Today in Cocktail Culture I introduce you Skully Smooth Wasabi Gin and my first recipe made for this blog and this brand.

Skully Smooth Wasabi : with the outspoken experience of wasabi.

This smooth wasabi gin is a special premium gin, if you dare...

Skully Smooth Wasabi has a distinct aroma and taste, it defines itself by its spice finish, which makes it a perfect match with Japanese dishes. Wasabi root, ginger and mint are the prevalent ingredients in this exclusive spirit.

Skully Smooth Wasabi is a perfect ingredient in cocktails like a martini, of un a simple mix with ginger ale, combined with a slice of ginger and juniper berries.

When combined with a mixer I suggest: fever tree ginger ale or ginger beer, garnish with pink grapefruit and juniper berries.

Dutch Geisha is a collaboration between Skully Gin and the AntiMixologist using the inspiration of the asian cuisine to create a cocktail sweet and salty perfect to match with nigiri or new style dishes, the perfect match between the bartender and the brand makes me think that soulmates exist! ☠


  • 2oz Skully Smooth Wasabi Premium Gin

  • 1/2oz Yukikage Dry Sake

  • 1/2oz Gyomuyo Yuzusu (Yuzu)

  • 1/2oz Demerara sweet soy sauce

  • 1oz Cranberry juice

  • 1 1/2 Spoon wild blueberry preserve


Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker (for the Demerara Sweet Soy Sauce mix 1 Spoon of Demerara Sugar with 1/2 oz of of Soy Sauce) add Ice, hard shake to integrate the preserve and all the ingredientes, double strain over a big Coupe glass with Big Ice cube inside, Garnish with a Flithy Cherry and a Orchid Flower.

Cheers! 💀☠

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