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The London Nº 1

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

A Premium gin made with 12 botanicals. Distilled in London in the purest, most traditional style. A superb drink with a fascinating turquoise-blue tinge, produced in very small batches from distilled English grain.

It was in 1835 when the young Manuel María González Ángel founded González Byass and started a long, and passion-filled journey, dedicated to the world of wine.

Manuel Mª found the support he needed, to get this fascinating business dedicated to Sherry wine started, in his uncle, José Ángel, Tío Pepe (Uncle Joe). It was he who showed his nephew everything he knew about Fino wines, so much so that his name was given to the winery’s foundational solera, where today you can still read the name, “Solera del Tío Pepe”. This was how the legend of Spain’s, and possibly the world’s most famous Fino Sherry, started to be forged.

Inspired by the continual development in export and the growing success of his company, Manuel María González decided to join forces with Robert Blake Byass, his English agent, to whom he wrote a letter in 1844, recommending that Byass sell an “exceptionally pale…” wine. These were the very first barrels of Tío Pepe that were sent to the United Kingdom where they were very well received.

The commercial Alliance between the Byass and González families continued until 1988 when the Byass family withdrew from the business and the winery passed into the hands of the direct descendants of Manuel María González.

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