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Today in Cocktail Culture Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto.

A lost secret, authentic Italian ingredients, family traditions, the original aperitivo reborn, based on an original recipe from the 1850’s, rooted in the Italian culture, Rome and renaissance, Rosolio well know in Italy at that time as “Aperitivo do Corte” meaning “The Drink of Kings” and know for the Italian people from north to south.

A story of rediscovery, a century old recipe from Torino at its heart, the finest bergamot from protected origin, selected for its signature freshness and intensity, grown, harvested and made in Italy with only the gifts of nature, expertly crafted by Italian distillers, fresh and intensely aromatic, light floral touches of rose and lavender, a new dimension of refreshing citrus complexity within the glass a sip of Italy.

Cheers! 💀☠

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