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Pa’ los Santos

Today in Cocktail Culture the history of Pa’los Santos cocktail.

Inspired in afro-cuban history and traditions, this great libation brings together some of the elements commonly used for offerings in “Santeria”. This perfectly balanced and phenomenal cocktail was made by Chris Rolon for the Bacardi Legacy 2016 competition.

Even though I recommend you to come to the Regent Cocktail Club to try it, Making Pa’ Los Santos at your bar or house bar is very easy. Wanna know how?

  • 1.5 Bacardí Superior

  • .75 Fresh Lime juice

  • .5 Guava puree

  • .5 Honey Habanero Syrup*

  • 2 fresh oregano leaves

*To make the syrup i infuse a habanero pepper in warm honey syrup and keep trying it until is just a bit spicy. You may also use regular honey syrup and drop the smallest amount of heat available at your bar. Wether is hellfire bitter, habanero sauce, cayenne pepper, etc. just have in mind its not supposed to be a spicy drink but just have a bit of heat that would make your tongue happy after you sip it.

Cheers! 💀☠

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