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Rabbit Hole

Today in Cocktail Culture the second part about Rabbit Hole Whiskey celebrating the Bourbon Heritage Month!

In 2012, founder and whiskey maker, Kaveh Zamanian, took a plunge down the Rabbit Hole. In love with Bourbon and Rye whiskey, he risked it all and left his twenty-year psychology practice to make authentic spirits. He developed unique whiskey recipes that are made 100% in Kentucky. His goal was to create innovative spirits and inspire more people to discover and enjoy Bourbon and American whiskey. He then took an unconventional path of building a magnificent distillery in the heart of Louisville. Rabbit Hole Distillery is a modern cathedral that pays homage to the art and science of distillation. A fully immersive guest experience, every step of the process, from grain to bottle, is in proud display.


Kaveh Zamanian

“For me, the romance of making Bourbon is not in what Bourbon was a hundred years ago, but in what it is today and what it will be in the coming years.”

Cheers! 💀☠

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