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The Boulevardier

Today in Cocktail Culture the history of the "Boulevardier".

This wonderful creation pays homage to Erskine Gwynne, an American-born writer who founded a monthly magazine in Paris called Boulevardier, which appeared from 1927 to 1932, much like our modern day New Yorker Magazine. He wrote articles about art, spirits, and living in the beautiful city of Paris.

Today in Cocktail Culture the second part of the history and the recipe of the “Boulevardier”.

In the publication of "Barflies and Cocktails", Harry MacElhone crafted this cocktail for one of his barflies, Erskine Gwynne, at Harry's New York Bar in Paris. Thus, the mighty Boulevardier was born and now you can sip a bit of literary history.


  • 1 oz bourbon or rye whiskey (today we use Rabbit Hole Heigold Bourbon)

  • 1 oz Campari

  • 1 oz sweet vermouth ( today we use La Copa from Gonzalez Byass)

  • Garnish: orange twist or cherry

Cheers! 💀☠

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