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Through the Light

Today in Cocktail Culture I bring you the history of Valentino Longo, Maestro Bartender and winner of the Most Imaginative Bartender 2020

He was born in Rome and I lived there until was 23. Started his career in Hotel De Russie led by Massimo D`Addezio. At that time the “De Russie” was the best hotel bar in Italy. He started as a barista, and then moved to a food runner and eventually made his way to being back in a bar. But, because he wanted to learn the English language decided to move to London with few of his colleagues in 2011.

London was amazing for him and he was fortunate to learn and grow in a city that has had such an imprint on the bar culture.

After London, he went back to Rome for few years and the place that he was managing decided to open a second outpost in Miami. He was chosen to come to Miami [in February 2016] to run, open and operate this cocktail bar-restaurant which gave him a taste for the magic city. Unfortunately, after a year, the restaurant group wanted him to go back to Rome but It was then that his path was crossed with one of the executive managers of Four Seasons who told him about an exciting new project happening in Surfside. He get the job while the hotel was under construction and was able to travel to Japan for one month of intensive training at bars in Tokyo and Osaka, when he returned [in April 2017], it was the start of his journey and career at Le Sirenuse.

Tomorrow the history of his cocktail “Through the Light”.

Light, Shadows, Subject and Contrast

Those are the 4 elements that create a picture, so inspired by them, he wanted to recreate the same for a cocktail and he choose ingredients that represent each one and transform them in a drink.

Light: Grow under the light of the sun, Bergamot liquor fortified with lemons.

Shadows: Sherryis a product that thanks to the obscurity, the wind and the shadows create the perfect ambiance for the aging process.

Subject: The main part of a picture. the one you want to talk or express about, in this case his Wife as inspiration and all his love for her and on the side of the liquor Bombay Saphire.

Contrast: is essential in a great photo, creating a balance between the subject, the brightness, darkness and the rest of the picture.

Coconut olive oil from Miami and Coffee balsamic from Italy.


  • 40ml Bombay Sapphire

  • 20ml Fortified Bergamot

  • 40ml Sherry Lactic blend*

  • 1 drop Coconut Olive oil

  • 3 dropCoffee Balsamic

Sherry Lactic Blend:

15ml Sherry, 15ml Ambrato Vermouth, 10ml Americano Vermouth, 2 drop Lactic Solution (5gr Lactic Acid - 100ml Water).

Cheers! 💀☠

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