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I started bartending 18 years ago in Bogota, Colombia while studying advertising and marketing at college. I fell in love with bartending and developed a strong passion for mixology. I taught myself the art of mixology, flair and customer service.


After developing a strong foundation of mixology, I started to incorporate the sales and marketing knowledge learned at college. I always offer the finest products, deliver excellent customer service, and create a full drinking experience for my clientele At 24 I started entering mixology competitions in South America which helped me increase my skills and develop new techniques.

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Promote and make your liquor brand increase the exposition at the premise spots with my talks about his history, uses, technics and coaching for your employees and staff about sales. Make your business be more profitable about customer service, up selling, accuracy, motivation and coaching for your full staff.

As a instructor I create a customer service culture in my students at the same time they learn how to increase the sales and profits for the business, the speed, accuracy and quality are also some of the most important bases I teach, the culture about cocktails and liquors makes them the right professional they need to be behind the bar.


Make your brand be represented for a person with his own style, intrepid, innovator, hard worker, creative, nice and friendly, helping your brand to keep his identity but also showing that is more what everybody just see from the top and gets involve in many cultures, ambiances and trends.

In your private events or promotions, you want me as the bartender who brings to your guests, the best service and even more than that, a special experience through a real nice attitude and drinks, both in a great mix that you, your guest, your company or your brand going to love it.


Checking the processes that you are using, looking for the best program to improve those or use another ones that works better, also how to implement new sales technics, make a better impression on your guests, optimize the use of the products, inventory rotation and how promote a better work ambiance. All this with the appropriate direction, thinking in your business and the new ideas in the industry.

Complexity or simplicity are both right, because is what you want for your place or your brand, I’m here to make that happens on the right way and you’d be totally happy about what you offer on your personalized menu according to your brand, food, ambiance, culture or style.

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